Learn the game, advance your skills and improve your score!

Adult Golf Classes

Classes are taught by highly trained and experienced PGA and LPGA professionals utilizing the most advanced training techniques and aids available in order to ensure your success.

For questions or help to determine which program best suits you, please call
Foothills Golf Course – 303.409.2400 | Meadows Golf Club – 303.409.2250.

Introductory, Level I – Adult
Acquire the basic fundamentals, information and ability to feel comfortable on the golf course – perfect for individuals with limited or no experience! Classes will begin with putting and chipping and progress to pitching and full swing. Finish up with an experience on our par 3 golf course where students will get a basic overview of how to apply the skills learned on the golf course. Classes provide a fun environment to learn how to play this wonderful game of a lifetime. Come out and join a class to experience the joys of playing.

A woman crouched down on a golf green holding a putter assessing the line to putt her ball
A group of people on a driving range practicing their golf swing

Intermediate, Level II – Adult
Are you ready for more than the fundamentals? These classes are the suggested “next steps” after completion of introductory classes. Classes focus on fine tuning your golf swing through the introduction of games and drills that will help you transition successfully to the golf course. The fourth lesson will be held on our Par 3 or Executive 9 Golf Course.

Junior Golf Classes

Classes are taught by highly trained and experienced PGA and LPGA professionals utilizing the most advanced training techniques and aids available in order to ensure your success.

For questions or help to determine which program best suits you, please call
Foothills Golf Course – 303.409.2400 | Meadows Golf Club – 303.409.2250.

Introductory, Level I – Junior
Our introductory classes are designed for those who are interested in learning the basic skills to get out and play golf. Classes and camps provide a fun environment to learn how to play this wonderful game of a lifetime. With the Par 3 course at Foothills Golf Course, we can provide the perfect situation for students to experience the joys of playing.

A group of smiling kids holding golf clubs sitting together on a practice green
A young boy on the driving range prepared to hit a ball.

Intermediate, Level II – Junior
Are you ready for more than the fundamentals? These Level II have been created for you as suggested “next steps” after completion of introductory classes. Focus is on fine tuning your golf swing through the introduction of games and drills that will help you transition successfully to the golf course.

Developmental, Level III – Junior
Do you play routinely, want to lower your scores and improve your overall consistency? Developmental classes and camps will provide the concepts needed for creating consistent motion. Lower student/teacher ratio and increased class time allow for more personal attention. Our instructors will assist you in developing an improvement plan to satisfy your goals.

Kids at a golf course holding golf clubs

Private & Group Instruction

For the completely personal experience, our private lessons will allow you to improve any problem with your game. Our trained and experienced staff of PGA and LPGA professionals can help with every aspect of your game.

State of the Art Computer / Video technology is available to assist you in understanding your improving process.


Contact the Golf Course for specific Private Lesson Rates – our Instructors set their own schedules and rates.

For questions, please call
Foothills Golf Course – 303.409.2400 | Meadows Golf Club – 303.409.2250.

Instructor Bios

We would like to introduce you to our professional staff of PGA and LPGA golf instructors. Each member of this team is dedicated to help you reach your greatest potential. Our goal is to make golf a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable experience for every student.

Foothills Golf Course Instructors

Beth Folsom
Hometown: Dysart, Iowa
College: Northeast Missouri State University, University of Northern CO

Beth is a Class A LPGA Professional and has been teaching golf since 1991. She has worked at Foothills for most of that time, but also spent five years with the McGetrick Golf Academy. She grew up in Iowa and played college golf at Truman State University. In addition to Foothills, Beth also teaches physical education and coaches both the boys and girls middle and high school teams at Colorado Academy. She formerly served the LPGA as a National Evaluator and a member of the LPGA Master Professional Committee. Aside from golf, Beth loves baseball (Go Cubs Go!), traveling and just about everything in Colorado…though she’s still an Iowa Girl at heart.

Instructor Quote: “I think a person’s golf game and reasons for playing golf are as unique as the individual. I also believe that golf is much more ‘learned’ than ‘taught’. My primary goal in instruction is to help players discover and develop physical and mental skills in order to become the best they can be in accordance to their personal goals.”

Beth’s Rates:

  • Adult 30 minute lesson: $50 / Series of 4 = $180
  • Adult 45 minute lesson: $75 / Series of 4 = $270
  • Adult 60 minute lesson: $100 / Series of 4 = $360
  • Junior 30 minute lesson: $40
  • Junior 45 minute lesson: $60
  • Junior 60 minute lesson: $80
  • Create your own group / hour:
    • 2 people = $120
    • 3 – 5 people = $150

Jim Edfors
Hometown:  Chicago, IL
College:  University of Illinois Campaign-Urbana

Jim is a Class A PGA Professional who has been teaching Individual & Group Private Lessons and Clinics on all phases of the game since 2009. Years of martial arts practice led him to study the Body-Swing Connection in golf. He achieved Level One Certification from the Titleist Performance Institute, and works with both physical therapists and fitness instructors to help golfers reach their potential.

Instructor Quote: “Every ‘body’ is different, so every swing will be unique. The physics of impact don’t lie – ball flight is a diagnosable cause and effect. We just need to find the most efficient and repeatable motion for each individual to optimize that moment of impact. I’m just a guide, though – trying to help each client ‘find their groove’.” 

Jim’s Rates:

Introductory 1 ¼ hr. “Launch” Session: $135
I want to build relationships with clients who are looking for a coach to help improve their entire golf game – I’m no longer interested in “one-off” transactions. In this session, we’ll assess your skill set from green to tee and come up with an improvement plan with measurable goals to guarantee results on the golf course.

Individual Private Lessons:
Adult (45 mins.), Junior (30 mins.)

  • Single Session: Adult – $90, Junior – $60
  • Series of 3 Sessions: Adult – $255, Junior – $165
  • Series of 5 Sessions: Adult – $400, Junior – $250
  • 15-min. Range Feedback Session*: Adult – $30, Junior – $20
    • *Existing lesson clients only, including those in group sessions.

Group Lessons – two or more people, form your own group:
Adult (1hr.), Junior (45 mins.)

  • Single session: Adult – $65/player, Junior – $45/player
  • Series of 3 sessions: Adult – $180/player, Junior – $120/player
  • Series of 5 sessions: Adult – $275/player, Junior – $200/player

Complete Coaching Program
10 weeks – $850 – Private Instruction

  • TPI Evaluation ($150 value)
  • Clubfitting/Equipment Evaluation ($90 value)
  • Eight (8) 45-min. lessons, including at least 2 full-swing video sessions, one putting, one short game, and one 9-hole playing lesson ($650 value)
  • Four (4) 15-min. range feedback sessions ($120 value)
  • One 45-min. on-course “mental game” session ($90 value)

Joe Pinson
Hometown:  Denver, CO
College:  New Mexico Highlands University

Joe is a Class A PGA Member and has been teaching the game since 1987. He is proud to be one of the 6% of PGA Professionals in the country certified in both Golf Operations and General Management, which includes extensive knowledge of teaching and managing golf courses. He has exceptional experience playing and teaching every phase of the game to students of all ages and abilities.

Instructor Quote: “There is no better feeling as an instructor than to take a beginner who has never picked up a club, work with them for about 20 minutes, have them successfully strike the sweet spot of the ball one time, and see the expression on their face. From there, they are hooked on golf for life!  For the more advanced student, the adage of keeping things fun and simple will prevail. I love teaching the “how and why” a golf ball will react the way it does. In turn, I give physical and mental tools that will give students enough knowledge of their swing that they will be able to fix themselves in the future if their game begins to go awry.” 

Joe’s Rates:

  • 45 minute lesson – $85
  • Series of four, 45 minute lessons – $320
  • Small private group lesson: series of four, one hour sessions – $300 for the first person and $100 for each additional person

Lauren Howe
Hometown:  Colorado Springs, CO
College:  University of Tulsa

Lauren is a Class A member of the LPGA Tour as well as a member of the Teaching & Club Professionals division of the LPGA. Lauren’s expansive knowledge, heart and humor make her an incredibly fun and effective coach! Lauren is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Associative Conditioning Specialist and a Certified Passion Test Facilitator. Lauren was also voted Player of the Year in 1978 & 1983 and Person of the Year in 1983 by the Colorado Golf Hall of Fame. In 2019, Lauren had the great honor of being inducted into the Colorado Golf Hall of Fame.

While spending 13 years on tour, Lauren won and had numerous Top 10 finishes. But what shaped her most from the tour was her exposure to champion’s from all facets of life. As Lauren interacted with great athletes, captains of industry, actors, politicians and other successful people, she was always questioning them about what made them successful. While there are many ways to get to the top of your field, certain things kept showing up. She is a great synthesizer of information and an excellent communicator.

Instructors Quote: “They say ‘golf is a game played by complex people.’ My mission is to keep golf simple by focusing on the sound fundamentals of the physical and inner games, create successful habits and make it fun!”

Maggie Camp

Hometown: Wadesville, Indiana
College: University of Evansville, Indiana

Maggie is from the small town Wadesville, Indiana. Maggie helped start her high school’s first girl’s golf team in 2010. Maggie was the first female in her school’s history to go to Indiana State Finals for golf in 2012.  She then earned a Division I golf scholarship to the University of Evansville in 2013. Maggie was a highly competitive Division I golfer for the University of Evansville where she played and started all four years in college.  She went on to work at Victoria National Golf Club, as well as for the tour during this time.  Maggie went on to become the Assistant Golf Pro at McDonalds Golf Course in Evansville, Indiana. She was the coach for the PGA Junior League in Evansville and represented their section’s teams in Indianapolis. She was also the head coach for the high school girls and boys golf team and track teams.  She competed in several LPGA Amateur tournaments and finished well along with winning several other tournaments.  Maggie is a true lover of the game of golf!

Instructor Quote: “Focus on your next shot”

Tyler Heister
Hometown: West Lafayette, Indiana
College: Purdue

Tyler is originally from West Lafayette, Indiana, and is now a PGA Associate and Assistant golf pro at Foothills Golf Course. Tyler started playing for his school golf team in eighth grade, where he quickly progressed to playing on the varsity team his sophomore year, and helped his team advanced to the state finals. After high school, Tyler continued to play competitively for the club golf team at Purdue while he got his degree in logistics. After working in other industries and obtaining his MBA, Tyler once again focused his attention on his passion: golf. Since entering the PGA program in 2023, Tyler has taught private and group lessons as well as coaching the Dakota Ridge High school Golf Class. Tyler is also a certified Callaway club fitting technician.

Instructor Quote:  “Talent is something you are born with, and a skill is something you develop. 99% of what you need to succeed in golf are skills.” – Tiger Woods

Tyler’s Rates:

Tyler is available for lessons at both Foothills Golf Course and Meadows Golf Club

  • Adult 45 minute private lesson: $65 / Series of 4: $235
  • Adult 1 hour private lesson: $85 / Series of 4 = $300
  • Adult group lesson (1 hour)
    • 2 people: $100
    • 3-5 people: $150
  • Junior 45 minute private lesson: $50 / Series of 4: $180
  • Junior 1 hour private lesson: $65 / Series of 4 = $235
  • Junior group lesson (1 hour)
    • 2 kids: $80
    • 3-5 kids: $125

Elena Zaborniak
Hometown: Amherst, Ohio
College: Bethel University St. Paul, MN

Elena is originally from Amherst, Ohio, a small town just west of Cleveland along the shores of Lake Erie. She has been playing golf since 2014. She graduated from Bethel University in spring 2022 with a degree in Psychology and played four years of collegiate golf. Upon graduating, Elena jumped right into the golf industry. Elena is now a Level 1 PGA Associate and an Assistant Golf Professional at Foothills Golf Course. Throughout her time in the golf industry, she fell in love with sharing her love of the game with others.

Instructor Quote:  “Golf is more than a good swing. I help my students embrace the physical and mental challenges this game has to offer while enjoying the process.”

Elena’s Rates:

  • Adult 30-minute lesson: $45 / Series of 4 = $160
  • Adult 45-minute lesson: $65 / Series of 4 = $235
  • Adult 60-minute lesson: $85 / Series of 4 = $305
  • Junior 30-minute lesson: $35
  • Junior 45-minute lesson: $55
  • Junior 60-minute lesson: $75
  • Create your own group / hour:
    • 2 people = $90
    • 3 – 5 people = $120
Golf instructor and Director of Golf, Randy Meyers

Randy Meyers
Hometown: Holdrege, Nebraska
College: Regis University, Denver

Randy is currently the PGA Director of Golf for Foothills Park and Recreation District and offices out of Foothills Golf Course. He has been teaching with Foothills and Meadows golf courses since 1992.  Randy is a Class A PGA Member and is Certified in three separate classifications within the PGA who has been involved in golf the majority of his life.  Prior to working in golf, Randy spent four years of NCAA golf on scholarship and was a medalist in 14 NCAA events. He has extensive experience at teaching every phase of the game to students of all ages and ability levels.

Instructor Quote: I like to keep the fundamentals of golf as simple as possible. When analyzing an individual’s golf swing I isolate areas to locate the fault that is causing other problems. Once this is determined, many swings can be improved quickly and dramatically. I enjoy teaching the mental aspects of the game and helping students get to their next level.

Randy’s Rates: Randy is not accepting new students at this time.

Meadows Golf Club Instructors

Alan Dunrud
Hometown: Evergreen, CO
College: Colorado State University

Career history:
1988-1989 Heather Ridge County Club
1990-1991 Kennedy Golf Course
1992-1998 Overland Golf Course
2007-present Meadows Golf Course

Instructor Quote: “Golf is a game that to be played well, has to be played by feel. The best players  describe feeling like an artist on the golf course, not an engineer. However, for someone beginning the game, or a player struggling with their game, the swing mechanics have to be addressed. In golf, like othe sports, consistency is achieved by developing good fundamentals.”

Alan’s Rates:

  • 30 minute lesson – $60
  • Series of four, 30 minute lessons – $230
  • One hour, group lesson
    • Up to four students – $100
    • Five students – $125
    • Six students – $150

Brendan Murphy
Hometown:  Rochester, NY / Jupiter, FL
College:  Palm Beach State College

Brendan Murphy is a class “A” PGA Professional with over 25 years of experience in successful golf operations and instruction. Brendan, the son of a PGA Tour Professional, grew up around the game of golf before deciding to follow in his father’s footsteps and make it his career.

Prior to joining Meadows Golf Club, Brendan held numerous head professional positions in both South Florida and New York; including the positions of PGA Staff Member at Doral in Miami, home of the Jim McLean Golf School, and Head Golf Professional at The Breakers in Palm Beach, the home of the world-renowned John Webster Golf Academy. Most recently, Brendan was the Head Golf Professional/Director of Instruction and Owner of Swing Better Golf Academy at The Florida Club in Stuart, Florida for the past five years.

This affiliation with Doral and the Breakers enabled Brendan to forge close and lasting relationships with some of the world’s top players and instructors in the game. This incredible work environment also allowed him to hone his craft as a successful instructor and communicator, producing lasting results for his students at every level of the game.

Brendan’s passion for golf, fascination with the golf swing and desire to help students learn and improve are the driving forces in his instruction. An eye for detail, complete understanding of swing mechanics, and enthusiasm for the sport ensures a successful lesson for each student. Whether it be introducing a beginner to a brand new swing, creating progress in an intermediate player, or helping with tournament preparation for the competitive player, with his teaching and your effort we will lay out the building blocks required to take your game to the next level.

Instructor Quote: “Lessons are not to take the place of practice, but to make practice worthwhile.”

Brendan’s Rates:

  • 45 minute lesson – $125
  • Four lesson package, 45 minutes per lesson – $425

Junior Rates:

  • Age 12 & under: 30 minute lesson – $40
  • Ages 13-19:
    • 45 minute lesson – $85
    • Four lesson package, 45 minutes per lesson – $295

Create your own 1-hour Lesson Group:

  • 2 people – $75/person
  • 3 people – $60/person
  • 4 people – $45/person